This section host tools for inventors and innovators that Infinity has developed. We have been using Filemaker since 1992 as a way to organize data. We will make available drawing downloads (CAD/CAM) and Filemaker Solution downloads. Our concept platforms are based on using organization provided by Filemaker.

A Filemaker solution organizes thoughts and ideas, while providing a robust platform to present those ideas, and test theoretical solutions. All downloads are copyrighted by Infinity Electrostatics LLC. You may use the download for personal use, but not redistribute, resell, or make money from them, unless you have written permission or a license from Infinity Electrostatics LLC.

To open and read a Filemaker solution, which we have available for download, you will need a copy of the Filemaker software for your computer, or a Filemaker Go app, for your iPhone, or iPad. The Filemaker Go app is free. Most of our Filemaker solutions are unlocked, which allows you to change layouts, make new fields, tables, etc. Some of our files have guest permission to read data only. If you would like a full access file, please contact us.

How do you start


Inventor Template: Click to download (2.1 MB)  Filemaker   report-inventor-template.fmp12

Powerball Analysis: Click to download (1.0 MB) Filemaker   powerball-analysis-20171111-winner-public-release.fmp12

Nikola Tesla Database: Click to download (193 MB) Filemaker Database of Nikola Tesla Patents

Tesla Valve (Valvular Conduit): Click to download (13.1 MB) CAD Drawings and STL

Coil Developers Kit (3.5 MB): Motor-Generator Coil CAD Drawings and STL

Zip of all Files  |  Individual Files:  |  rotor.STL  |  mid-block.STL  |  front-block. STL  | back-block.STL  | kit-drawing.PDF

Magnetic Reduction Coupling Gearbox: Click to download (9.8 MB) Zip of all files