Graphene Processing Fast Filter as Part of the Infinity Micro Factory

Infinity Electrostatics is pleased to announce the first modular for the Infinity Graphene Micro Factory. The module is for fast filtering graphene from a solution during processing. The filter system uses a proprietary vacuum pump and collection system. Different flat filter media (paper, zeolite, and other sorbents) can be purchased from online sources. The system is mounted in a modular cart 610mm x 1220mm x 762 (24 in x 48 in x 30 in) that fits through any standard sized door, hallway, or elevator. It is mounted on lockable swivel casters, and has tie-down points for ship-board, or mobile use. Power is 110V single phase. This unit has less than 1HP draw and can be powered off-grid by solar PV or wind energy with an inverter.

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