Infinity Electrostatics Announces New Technology for Producing Graphene

Infinity Electrostatics LLC, a technology development firm for additive 3D printing, is pleased to announce a new method of production for graphene.


Graphene is the new environmentally friendly, transparent, go-to material that has incredible opportunities for super capacitors, solar cells, semi-conductors, is impervious to water, temperature changes, and can self-repair its bonds. It is 1000 times more conductive than Copper, 200 times stronger than steel, and doesn’t have the limitations of Silicon.

Graphene can be used in bioengineering, optics, composites, energy storage, photovoltaics, and even as ultrafiltration, as a thin membrane for seawater desalination. It can be laser printed. Using quantum dots, band gaps can be generated to utilize in the semiconductor industry.

The limitation of graphene development and use in industry, is its production. Infinity has developed a method, using a Spinning Disc Reactor, to provide a low cost method of producing graphene, using sonification and shearing.

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