Infinity Electrostatics: Spinning Ball Reactor for Liquid Evaporation by Electrostatic Precipitation

SBR Spinning Ball Rotavap – New advancements in distillation of seawater, producer water, and recovery of ethanol from botanical oil extraction

PDF: 20171212-infinity-electrostatics-sbr-rotary-evaporation

Infinity is working on a LEEP technology for the distillation of freshwater from seawater, and the evaporation of ethanol from an extracted oil liquid. LEEP stands for Liquid Evaporation by Electrostatic Precipitation, and is a new innovation in the rotary evaporation field.

The new technology may provide the following benefits compared to legacy evaporation of ethanol using a rotary evaporation system:

  • Less cleaning
  • Better user experience
  • Faster evaporation and collection of ethanol (for recycled use)
  • Does not require the use of a vacuum pump (although one may be used)
  • Rapid heat transfer in both the evaporation and condensation end of the process
  • Straight walled Borosilicate glass can be cleaned with a spatula
  • No complex glass work, breakage, or cleaning
  • Larger volumes of processed liquid in a smaller space
  • Less parts = less maintenance = lower acquisition cost
  • Glasswork is stationary, it does not move
  • Solid state rotary evaporation process
  • Uses electrostatics to manipulate boundary layer and surface tension
  • Elimination of vapor layer increases heat dissipation capacity up to 45x
Spinning Ball Reactor – LEEP – Liquid Evaporation by Electrostatic Precipitation

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