Magnetic Reduction Coupling Gearbox Developers Kit


Magnetic Reduction Coupling Gearbox

The magnetic coupling gearbox provides a no-contact connection to a drive system, and also a method to provide a no-contact reduction gearing. Magnetic gearboxes can provide a maintenance free mechanism for coupling and gear reduction. The limitation of the system is materials and Eddy Current. If you use metal for the assembly structure, you may induce Eddy Current and produce heat. Our prototype used Delrin which has good characteristics for lower pressure and temperature applications (below 200 psi). We were looking at using these for our magnetic coupling and reduction in ORC turbines, where the pressure was below 300 psi. But for supercritical CO2 applications (typically above 1,100 psi), Delrin is not strong enough and would bow outwards from the pressure. All drawings have copyrights, and designs/drawings may not be re-distributed, built and sold, unless permission is granted in writing from Infinity Electrostatics. Designs/drawings may be used for personal use only, and you may build a unit for personal use only.

Magnetic Reduction Coupling Gearbox: Click to download (9.8 MB) Zip of all files

This is a 2-to-1 magnetic coupling and gearbox prototype you can 3D print or machine. You can see a video of the finished prototype here.

Infinity Electrostatics Drawing of the Magnetic Reduction Coupling


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