DC Generator Coil Design Platform Developers Kit

DC Generator Coil Design Platform – Test Your Coil Designs 

This is a 3D printable design, that allows you to place magnets (buy online) and tape them into the center cylinder. A simple electric outrunner motor is housed within the center cylinder to spin the part. You may also use a drill to drive the cylinder rotation. A standard bearing supports the cylinder on one end, while the motor bearing supports the motor end. Center part is for placement of your own coil design. You can mount the assembly to a plywood board as a base. These drawings are provided free of charge, but may only be downloaded from this site, and you are granted a license to use for your personal use. All drawings have copyrights, and designs/drawings may not be re-distributed, built and sold, unless permission is granted in writing from Infinity Electrostatics. Designs/drawings may be used for personal use only, and you may build a unit for personal use only.

Downloads :

Drawing of Plans PDF

Coil Developers Kit (3.5 MB): Motor-Generator Coil CAD Drawings and STL

Zip of all Files  |  Individual Files:   stl.zip  |  rotor.STL  |  mid-block.STL  |  front-block. STL  | back-block.STL  | kit-drawing.PDF


Infinity Electrostatics DC Generator Coil Design Platform


Top Cut-Away View
Infinity Electrostatics DC Generator Coil Design Developers Kit Drawing

Download Drawing PDF

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